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Recently, the National Society of Accountants (NSA) conducted a survey which showed that the average cost of professional tax preparation is $261. This is price that most tax preparers will charge for a 1040 Tax Form with itemized deductions (Schedule A) plus a state tax return. Source

How do we compare? We provide a no obligation free tax analysis. Everyone’s situation is different and pricing depends on the complexity of the return.  We also provide free e-filing for tax returns we prepare.  A basic tax return may starts from as low as just $99. but until we see the details about your particular situation, we really would not know.

Experience makes the difference.  Call for a free tax evaluation of your tax liability and we guarantee that you will be satisfied.


☸ Income tax preparation services for individuals and companies. ☸ Free electronic filing. ☸ Identifies potential tax credits and liabilities and ensures accurate and complete returns. ☸ Returns filed in a timely manner. ☸ Completes tax forms in accordance with policies and in compliance with legislation and regulations. ☸